Transfer Virtual Labs to real Cisco devices

The Leanides V2R Lab Station started out as a way to transfer Virtual GNS3 lab configs to Real Cisco devices. It has developed into a complete Lab system that can now store all the Cisco lab configs that you do for easy retrieval and deployment. Not only that, it has emerged as a Cisco Network Labs multi-tool that provides a fast and easy way to transfer text file configs to Cisco devices and changes the way people prepare Cisco devices in a lab environment.

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Why Use the V2R Lab Station?

Using the V2R Lab Station can save a great deal of time by not having to re-type configs every time a lab is done and that means more free time for you. It also enables you to do much more with easy review of the outputs of past labs for fast revision and you can also redeploy labs quickly when you need to. Being able to redeploy your saved labs quickly and easily can be of great benefit in the week before exams.

The Leanides V2R Lab Station is a project that I first thought of when I was thinking about how I wish I could bring my GNS3 Cisco network labs into the real world. When I had studied the Cisco CCNA and CCNP courses, the virtual GNS3 labs that I did stayed in GNS3 and I would go to Uni and do labs with real Cisco devices and the two would never meet. What if I could save my GNS3 labs and roll them out to a real Cisco network lab on real devices? If I could do that I could work at home on the virtual GNS3 lab Sim and then roll out the lab at Uni on real Cisco devices and then save them and put them back onto GNS3 again at night.

To be able to do this would be amazing and free up a lot of time. I am pleased to announce that it is now finally possible and the software to do this is now available for anyone to use. 

I believe that the ability to do this will make doing Cisco network labs a lot more fun and productive and I hope that the Leanides V2R Lab Station will be a useful tool that will help you right through your course of study with Cisco Labs.

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